Welcome to Competitive Trail Riding,
the North American Trail Ride Conference and Region 6!


Joining or renewing is easy! CHOOSE ANY OF THESE WAYS.

  • Go online at www.natrc.org and join or renew online
  • Click here to download the membership form and follow the instructions for snail mailing your membership to NATRC
  • Call the national office at 303-688-1677 and ask Sarah to sign you up!
  • Region 6 membership chairperson is Vickie White

Membership Fees:

Family $93 for one year, $262 for three years, 2 votes
Single Adult $62 for one year, $170 for three years, 1 vote
Junior $42 for one year, $108 for three years, no vote
Associate $52 no vote

Annual Platinum Upgrade: $21 single; $42 family

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